Professional 3D Landscape Designs Custom to Your Needs

Full Landscape Design Services

Want to add a beautiful outdoor living space to your home, but don't know where to start? Unique Supply offers landscape design services that can take your ideas and turn them into your dream space. With our fully-visual 3D renderings, you see your vision come to life before you break ground. A perfect start for the do-it-yourself project.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation

Follow the steps below to prepare some helpful information before your FREE consultation. This will help your designer get a good feel for your project needs, along with a sense of your style.


Collect Your Ideas

Collect any images, concepts or elements you’ve seen that you like. Browse the site Lookbook and Gallery if you need inspiration.


Decide How the Patio is Used

If you focus on your main goal for your space, would it be to entertain, cookout, relax, gather around a fire, or just enjoy the outdoors?


Factor Your Accommodations

Consider how many people will be using the patio at the same time. If you host parties and entertain, what is your average guest count?


Evaluate Your Space

Start by taking measurements to see how large your patio area could be along with the ideal placement in your yard. See our Getting Started page for help.

A Walk Through the Design Process

The design team at Unique Supply will work closely with you to make sure your project is your ideal vision. Having your hardscape professionally designed provides you with the proper visual aids in order to help you to decide what you want your end result to be. A highly recommended and cost-effective approach as opposed to deciding you want to change things after construction!

Discuss the Details

First on the agenda, we’ll go over all your thoughts and ideas along with needs, wants, and your site conditions.

Budget Planning

Our designer will review the fees related to the design based on your site requirements and explain the full process.

Design Contract

To make things official, we enter a design contract stipulating all the fees and costs associated with the project.

Technical Layout

After evaluating your site, with the proper measurements in hand, we create a detailed site plan based on existing conditions. This includes the elevations and pictures.

3D Design

The design is created using 3D renderings which will closely match the fundamentals of your property and home. Through this incredible visual aid, you’ll get very good idea of what the space will look and feel like … even use the colors and textures of the materials you choose.

Final Design

To complete the process, we present the finished design along with providing you a printed CAD drawing and access to the fly-through and 3D images of the project. At this time, you have the option to make one included revision or to have the project quoted for installation.

Sample 3D Renderings

Get a feel for what our 3D designs are capable of. We take every detail into consideration.

Imagine the Possibilities

Why is it important to have a 3D design? Landscaping is a large investment that can affect the value of your home and curb appeal positively if done well, but negatively if done poorly. Don't leave it to chance!